Saving a Relationship 

Saving a Relationship

Saving a Relationship

Hi Stuart here,

If you’re looking for advice on saving a relationship, then I am really glad you have found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

The reason is, within this post you will find some crucial relationship advice based on my own personal relationship break up experience. I will warn you now this is uncensored and I will be talking about just how much pain I was in, how I tried to save my relationship and the one thing that finally helped me turn it all around.

If you only do one more thing – then please make sure you read the points below:

Firstly thank you for continuing to read about my own personal journey. What I hope you will realise is the pain and heartache you are currently feeling is totally natural and that you are not alone.


So, Who The Hell is Napoleon Hill?

Well, Napoleon Hill was an American author who is widely considered be one of the greatest producers of personal success literature. His most famous work was a book called “Think and Grow Rich”.

Ok, I know we are talking about saving your relationship and I don’t want to freak you out with positive thinking so let me just say, I was in a pretty dark & crappy place last year when I first heard that saying. It actually did mark the turning point for me but firstly I am going to rewind back to the beginning, where it all went wrong.


A Castle, Queen and Little Prince

Daddy Baby Mummy

Daddy Baby Mummy

A few years back my life was great! At the time we had just finished the house refurbishment and a few weeks later my fiancée gave birth to our beautiful son. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.

I’ll also never forget the day two years later when my partner sat down with tears in her eyes. I knew exactly what she was going to say. It still felt like a bus had hit me when she said it was over. I remember looking around the house and kissing my little boy on his head before I left.


The Road to Hell

After the relationship break up I went to hell and back. Here are some of the feelings I had that you might be able to relate too:

  • I could guarantee that no matter where I was when I turned the radio on, they would be playing her song. (Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire)
  • I woke up in pain and I went to bed in pain every day
  • I can’t tell you the amount of times I woke up in the night thinking I had heard her voice
  • I can tell you every morning I woke up thinking I had heard my little boy come running into my room
  • What was I going to do if I saw my ex partner with somebody new?

All my friends and family thought I was on auto rewind because all of our conversations were about saving a relationship and then when we finished talking about that, I’d start talking about saving a relationship all over again.

I tried so many things during this time and I only succeeded in pushing her further away. Finally I tried the RELATE counselling service and this didn’t work either. I knew there must be an answer out there somewhere. I was determined to make it work and spiralled into; persuasion, apologies, self pity and begging. Let me tell you, in my opinion mobile phones are your worst enemy in the period following a break up!

At this point I didn’t think things could possibly get any worse but they did, when I was banned from contacting my ex partner! I had exhausted myself with the constant thoughts of saving my relationship.


Taking Action

Napoleon Hill

"Action is the real measure of intelligence" - Napoleon Hill

Ok, so this is the point where I was introduced to Napoleon Hill. This is a long story in itself but let me just say a very good friend sent me a book and from this I came across the saying:

» Action is the real measure of intelligence

There is so much strength and truth in this saying and it marks the point for me where I started to turn everything around. I realised at this time although I had been taking actions to save my relationship; these had been all the wrong actions!

Eventually I thought I would give it one last shot. I remember thinking how desperate I felt because nothing else had worked and here I was turning to Google and entered “Saving a Relationship”. It was then I stumbled across a person I later came to know much better as Ashley Kay, the author of a relationship recovery program called the The Ex Recovery System.

I started the program and after a very short time I quickly realised exactly where I had been going wrong. I was amazed by the concept of break up acceptance and realised what a fool I had been!


The Road Back From Hell

Three months after I purchased the Ex Recovery System I have really turned things around. I now see my son every week and meet with my ex partner to discuss his future. We are rebuilding our relationship slowly and our son gets to see us both happy which is great.


Final Thoughts on Saving a Relationship

When it comes to saving a relationship I will tell you what I have learned from the lessons above:

  • You cannot sit back and hope it mends itself
  • If you want to save your relationship you have to take action
  • You have to take the right action

I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read my personal story and I hope it has given you some insight into saving a relationship.

Remember the only thing you really have to lose is the person you love so take the right action today!


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